Mac malware scare really that bad?‏

by Administrator 27. May 2011 10:09

Well, it so definitely seems like it is. Recently, there have been a large number of malware attacks targeting Apple Mac users. This doesn’t come as a surprise anymore, because most hackers tend to “go with the flow” and target what’s popular now a days. Apple has obviously been making a large splash the last couple of years, and more and more users are going with Macs. What’s disconcerting though, is that fact that most Mac users continually swear that they are and will always be malware free. That my friends, could not be further from the truth.

Apple malware has been on a significant rise and many users are now second guessing their statement of “oh, I have a Mac, so I’ll never get a virus…”. The malware attacks seem to target information theft, meaning that the malware generated on you unsuspecting Mac is actually trying to steal your data. This can include everything from personal files, pictures, and sometimes, even your passwords! In fact, the latest malware virus known to appear recently, can self-install itself right onto your system! It actually looks like an ordinary application that’s you are normally installing; however since it can self install itself onto your machine without the need of approval, that can be very bad. As Mac users know, normally when you install a new application, your admin password and/or admin approval must approve the installation. But, since this new form of malware can self-install itself, that can obviously pose many problems for the user. Furthermore like most malware attacks, its designed to actually look like it’s part of the Mac operating system. Therefore some users may unsuspectingly work with the new malware application, thinking it’s actually supposed to be there.

So what happens when you actually get some bad form of malware on your computer and you call Apple for support? Well, absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, Apple has decided not to assist users with their malware problems and even informed other associated vendors not to help as well. They claim that it is not their responsibility to keep your Mac’s safe; however will release an update to OSX shortly, to help battle these ongoing problems. That’s at least something right? So, to all the Mac users out there that still say it’s impossible to get a virus on your computer…think again. And, always remember to continually run virus scans on your computers!


Apple's role in the business world?

by Administrator 4. February 2011 11:55

So, I have come to the realization that more and more people are beginning to use Apple based products in the world of business today.  That's absolutely fine; however do they really belong is the question?  Are they meant to replace Windows compatible products that have so dominated IT and the business world?  My guess is no...but, we're definitely seeing a lot more of them though.

Unfortunately, there are some major problems with Apple products entering a business environment.  The biggest hurdle I see is compatability.  Lets take Macbooks for example, these are great laptops, especially the Pro models; however they really aren't compatible with most IT infrastructures today. Everything from specific applications, dependent on your industry of course such as Finance, to even some WLAN setups.  Some WLAN's running in today's environment's are still using encryption settings that are really not compatible with Mac's.  Yes, maybe they should update, but when's the last time a business has done a major update to their wireless infrastructure just to meet the needs of some Macbook users?

So what about iPhones?  Nice little handheld devices they are no? I completely agree; however once again, problems still occur with them in a business environment.  We all know how vital corporate e-mail is, but do you know how a user feels when their iPhone does not correctly sync all of their e-mails as well as calendar entries correctly?  Or how about when they enter something within their iPhone calendar itself, come into work a week later, and miss a meeting all because the iPhone did not sync to exchange correctly.  Where does the problem lie? Is it a problem that the IT department should look into? Or should the user stick to the company wide device such as a Blackberry?  With more and more user's getting hooked onto their iPhones, its safe to say a lot of companies may indeed be making some adjustments, in order to allow for iPhones to work better within their exchange environment.  I guess we'll have to wait and see how IT departments and companies cater to the ever growing trend.....of Apple...

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